Empowering Women

Igniting Potential

ICF certified transformational life coach working with women to overcome low confidence and self esteem.


“Thank you for helping me to understand my emotions, for giving me the strength to overcome my challenges. A true guru, a true friend.”


"Claire gently helped me to explore the reasons behind my lack of self-confidence and the pace of the session was tailored to the emotions that were being brought to the surface"


"I cannot recommend Claire enough as a life coach... If you're seeking positive change and personal growth, Claire is the guide you need."


How to work with me

Personalised coaching to suit your needs

One to One Coaching

Work with me in a safe, judgment free environment. If you're feeling 'stuck', struggling with romantic relationships, friendships, career or life in general.

'Get Brave' Desires and

Limiting Beliefs Session

This is for you if you want to uncover your true value-driven desires and set goals to achieve them. And you want to uncover those limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving them.

Empowered Futures


This is for you if you need ongoing support no matter what life throws at you. Maybe you need an unrelenting cheerleader (that's me!) or maybe an accountability partner (also me!). You'll get 4 sessions per month over a 3 month period.

Corporate Services

I offer group or one to one coaching within organisations and educational institutions. I can offer interactive group sessions and lecturing on various subjects such as imposter syndrome, the inner critic, confidence, self-esteem, self-care, well-being, burnout and stress.

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